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Beware of these online job scams

The INTERNET is an amazing place to find a plethora of information and opportunities. It even opened a new job market for people to work virtually. On the other half, there's a dark side to the Internet with plenty of leeches and scammers lurking to find their next victim to make their next buck.

Note: I fell for a few of these opportunities. I'm surprised that I didn't get in trouble for my ignorance nor get my information hacked. Please beware of these! You are warned.

Here are the main culprits:

  1. Gift Packaging


One of the major work at home scam is gift packaging that not only plays with you in terms of money. Rather, it makes you a criminal in the eyes of Police. Well, in this scam, you receive the goods and you have to gift pack them with the given shipping label and other details and send it to an overseas address. The scam is that these goods are bought from stolen credit cards and you get to meet the police for possible crooking. Also, most of the time, you did not get paid!

   2. (babysitting/caregiver)


Basically, is a website on which there are a number of nannies listed. So, what happens is some clients would approach you for babysitting and would offer you a nice amount as well. However, the scam here is that the client would send you a check. They would ask you to use a part of the check to pay for something and apart would be your fee. Nonetheless, these checks are fake and you would have to pay the bank for the fraudulent attempt.

    3. Assembly job scams

In these kinds of jobs, the fake company would ask you to buy the start-up kits from your own money in order to start assembling the products. However, none of the flourished companies asks you to pay instead, it is the other way around.

   4. Data entry scams

There are multiple types of data entry scams. A few of them will ask you to deposit money first in order to start with the work. The rest would actually pay you a check. But, guess what? The check would be bounced, once you deposit it. Plus, these fake companies would ask you to take a few tests and take the training for actually beginning to earn.

   5. Survey scams

The survey scams are quite customary these days and if you are sane, you would immediately detect them. Well, the scam companies would ask you to pay a membership fee ranging from $50 to $100 in order to get going with the job. However, you have to understand that no legitimate company would ask a potential employee to pay. Rather, it is the employee who must be paid!

   6. Moneygram aka "sending checks for someone overseas"

In this case, a possible scammer will send you a check to wire the money to a person whom you have never met in your whole life for a small commission. The scammer will convince you by fabricating a sad story. Thus, when the bank will find out about the fraudulent activity, you will be the main culprit while the money would have been received by the scammer.


Craigslist is a huge portal to find jobs. Nevertheless, the scammers have made it their forte as well. In such scams, you are required to make an account on another portal that will offer you more jobs which is actually a fraud. Apart from that, you are told to click the links given that will take you to the most absurdist sites. Well, these scammers earn when you click these links.

I know It may seem hard to find a work from home job that is real. There are so many cruel people out there that's trying to take advantage of your disadvantage. Don't fret, I'm here to uncover the skirt of these perpetrators who are seeking to run over on us.

Check my list to the <--- to find out what to look for when your searching for your next opportunity

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