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International work at home companies

To the diversity in the businesses, customer service is one of those aspects that have gained an exceptional amount of popularity. Businesses do not want to harm their work. So, for this reason, they put immense emphasis on providing epic customer service.

It has been said time and again that the customer is the king! Therefore, businesses understand and value their customers in the best way possible. Hence, instead of forming huge customer service departments, the big companies have found their way out by outsourcing customer service jobs to those who want to work from home.

In this way, the companies get a huge workforce and there are simply no delays in solving the queries of the customers. Apart from that, the potential home-based employers find the right way to earn a good amount.

Basically, these companies look for individuals who are hardworking and are dedicated to their job. Also, the requirement for being fluent in English is something that is considered to be necessary.

So, if you are on a lookout for a job that offers you the flexibility of staying at home, then you can check out the below-mentioned companies:

  1. Amazon


Amazon is the number one online Company that sells a variety of products. You name it and Amazon would have that product! Right from books, gadgets, fashion accessories, household items, and multiple others are available on this website. It is based in Seattle, Washington and is known for fulfilling the customer’s requirements, no matter what happens.

In order to serve a large clientele, the Company hires customer service staff in a huge quantity. So, if you are looking for a home-based job opportunity, you can try your luck at this reputed CompaDue NY.



There will be hardly someone of the planet Earth who would not know about the exceptional software and engineering Company known as Apple. Apple was formed in 1977 in Cupertino, California and since then, it has been the leading Company within the domain of software and engineering.

The Company is also known for its best behavior with the employees. Therefore, anyone in the world would want to work for it. Additionally, the Company offers a large number of customer service jobs for those who require a stable gig for earning right at home.

   3.Direct Interactions

Direct Interactions is a firm that recruits home-based employees to render customer services all over the United States. It was founded in 2005 with the sole goal to facilitate the employees with the equipment that might be needed to provide customer service solutions.

Plus, the Company put emphasis on those who are suffering from disabilities and also cater to the family members of the military background.


   4.BCD Travel

BCD Travel is a renowned name in providing travel management services to clients all over the world. It is headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands and was formed in 2006. The Company is known for its epic client retention rate of 97%.

It has excelled in providing enormous aid to build and improve the travel programs. In order to tackle the large-scale business, there is a huge scope for getting a home-based customer service job in this reputed company.


Liveops is a cloud call center that is responsible for outsourcing customer services within any part of the world. It associates around 20,000 home-based call center employees to the organizations present across the globe.

The work/life balance, flexibility, and the pay scale is something that is worth-mentioning about Liveops. Thus, if you are seeking a similar opportunity at the cost of nothing, this is the place for you!

   6.The Hartford

The United States-based Insurance and Investment Company offers immense opportunities to the home-based workers, searching to become a part of the customer service team. The Company got established in 1810 and is known for building a thorough reputation among its clientele.

The Hartford is a Fortune 500 company and provides several home-based as well as office-based jobs and is known for highly friendly behavior with the employees.


TTEC is an Outsourcing Company related to business processing. It has got clients from all over the world. It is one of those companies that strive hard in order to provide exceptional feedback to the customers.

Hence, when looking to tick all the boxes, the Company demands a greater workforce that could serve the clientele time and again. So, it has been found out that TTEC has around 20,000 home-based employees that assist the customers present across the globe.


Transcom is another Outsourcing Company that provides customer care related aids. It focuses on the major areas of customer care, technical support, sales, marketing, and many others as well.

It takes pride in serving more than 350 International Companies. In order to serve the diverse clientele, the Company pays a lot of attention to building a labor force that includes both office-based and home-based employees. The work from home employees makes sure that the demands of the clients are met in the best possible manner.




   9.Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a renowned company that is known for being the first virtual workforce Company. It is based in Dallas, Texas and the sole aim of the Company is to solve the queries that are faced by the customers in terms of technical aspects as well as sales aspects.

The Company has over 110,000 employees that endeavor day and night in order to cater to the requirements and needs of the customers. There is a great amount of flexibility enjoyed by the employees as they work from the comforts of their home.



The above-mentioned are the best and highly renowned customer service companies that offer you the opportunity to work right from your own home. However, you need a few things for being the best agent. A stable internet connection, working contact, and fluency in English are the only things that you require in order to emerge as a winner in the domain of working from home!

Ther are opportunities for people outside the USA o apply to. Please check out the list to get started.

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