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Get $100 Blogging with wix

Are you thinking of making a new blog? Then Wix might be the ideal solution for you. In this post, allow us to present you information about why you must consider employing Wix as your website building platform.

In case you didn’t know yet, Wix is a kind of cloud-based web building platform. It has more than a hundred million users across 190 nations. The platform takes pride in being user-friendly, allowing its users of different skill levels to make beautiful websites without being tech-savvy. 

The platform works via drag-and-drop tools, and they are considered a famous WYSIWYG site builder. That offers its users total freedom to show their resourcefulness and not obstructed by insufficient technical abilities.

Getting Started with Wix

You need to sign up first to their service to get started with Wix. On the homepage, click ‘Start Now’ and then make a new account or sign in using your Facebook or Google account. 

Wix will ask you regarding the type of website you wish to make. Choose ‘Blog.’ You need to select whether to allow Wix to utilize its AI tool to make your website or to create your website yourself through the Wix Editor. 


How to Create a Blog Post

You will discover two ways to make a blog post. It is either through the live side of your site or with the Wix Editor. The platform suggests writing and editing posts and organizing comments from the live side of the site. However, you need first to ‘Publish’ your website. You can do that by clicking the button located on the top-right hand part of the Wix Editor.

Open your site on the live side. Log in through your Wix account. On your blog page, choose ‘Create a Post.’ You can provide a title for your article. Write the test, upload photos, or you can add videos from Vimeo or YouTube. 

On the live side, click onto recently published posts to edit, feature, or delete them on your homepage. To make a blog post in the Wix Editor, here’s what you need to do:

In the Wix Blog Menu, click Main > Create a Post. That will open the Post Manager, utilizing a similar layout as the Post Editor on the live site. 

Adding Affiliate Links to Your Blog

The next step is to create your affiliate page. But first, you need to sign up for an affiliate program you are interested in. Then make a button, which says ‘Buy Now,’ allowing your users to know that they can purchase whatever item listed above the button.

You will also need an affiliate link. You must link it to the button. To add one, sign in to Amazon Associates. Search for the kind of item you’d wish to link. Choose the item, and you’ll receive a personalized link to add to your button. 

Take note that this link is unique, including your associate name. This will allow Amazon to offer you credit for the purchase, delivering your earnings from it. 

Bottom Line

Wix is surely a good option if you are searching for a tool you can use to start a blog and earn $100. Hopefully, this guide has answered some of your concerns. Are you still not certain? Why don’t you sign up for free and offer Wix a try today