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List of legitimate sites to earn cash today

Sites/Apps I use to make extra cash monthly

Mturk: Make anywhere from one cent and up for data entry, audio recordings, surveys, videos, Testing websites, and Transcription services.  Get paid direct deposit or toward Amazon store credit.

Payperclick: Get paid weekly through PayPal by doing simple daily task 3-4 times a day( copy and pasting URLs, reviews, and 1 sentence description of websites). This type of work is related to SEO. You get paid $.25-$.45 a search task and $5 for reviews.

SurveyOnTheGo: Earn money from taking surveys on the go. Earning are $.75 and up if you qualify. If you don't qualify you to earn $.10. So win or win situation!. Also, you get to participate in weekly earning of $1.25 that you can claim. Cas out with PayPal or gift card when you earn $10.

Ibotta: Make money by taking photos of your receipt after shopping. Get paid $.10-$.25 a regular receipt and more on specific items purchased. Also, you can earn cashback by shopping online.

Legitimate survey Sites

The top list is sites/apps that I use to make extra money in a pinch.Also, check out the bottom half. These sites are also a legitimate way to make money through surveys


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